Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Science Says There's More Than One Earth, So I Interpret That As More Than One Dub Jeezy

I base my entire idea of space off of "Ren and Stimpy." I saw one mind-blowing episode way back when and it basically fucked me up to this day. Basically they both got sucked into a black-hole and landed in some alternate reality. Shit was messed up. Anyway, it got me thinking. Is there another Dub J (Jub D?) out there feverishly blogging away to a moderate group of readers? If so, is he handsome as fuck?

Of course he's handsome. Probably not by our standards, but in whatever fake Earth he's dominating, ladies are throwing up/passing out in his presence. Actually, the alternate universe is supposed to be the opposite (the bizarro) version of you. So this handsome figment of my imagination probably doesn't exist and is just a product of my ridiculous God complex. Bizarro me is undoubtedly a smallish white kid with not an ounce of humor, poor athleticism, and like 2 friends. Kid must suck at video games, dance circles, ironing, creating funny blogs, and sadly, has to be ugly as fuck. Poor guy.

I've never gone through so many weird thoughts in a blog post. I have GOT to stop watching the National Geographic Channel. They basically just come up with crazy ideas, attach them to a Nerf ball and see what stick to the wall over there.

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