Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Clearly The Worst Commercial On TV

I'm sorry, but this shouldn't even be a question. Because I watch the NBA playoffs every night I bear witness to the worst commercials television has to offer. It was a real tough choice, but this commercial is exactly like the bizarro version of Michael Jordan--it's been so bad for so long. Definitely was hatin' on this shit when I was still in college.

The decision came down to these rats and any of those T-Mobile commercials, but that random hot chick BARELY redeems their quality. Then you got the Hanes commercials that have MJ rocking the Hitler 'stache, which is just uncomfortable. We are not in the Golden Age of commercials and that's for damn sure. I haven't laughed at a beer commercial since the Budweiser frogs. What was that, like 1997?

This commercial set hamsters back decades.

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