Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Definitely Overdosed On NyQuil Last Night

^can't tell if this pic is racist, but I'm with it.

Last night while I was disastrously sick with some form of one-night-AIDS, I decided to ignore recommended dosages and just slug back some NyQuil. And some assorted cold medicine pills. I wasn't in dangerous territory, but I was kinda treading the Heath Ledger line. One of those moments where you knew you were fucked. Similar to those days in college when you thought it was a good idea to chug that bottle of Rubinoff and inevitably threw up on your shirt and passed out in front of your door because the 3-digit code was far too complicated. This time was like a very bad/disturbing episode of "That 70s Show" though. Life in a kaleidoscope.

20 minutes after my Amy Winehouse experience, I literally got up, walked in the bathroom and STRUGGLED to brush my teeth. Just couldn't connect the paste to the brush. Loopy doesn't even describe what was happening. Bouncing off walls, giggling for no reason, and I honestly thought about putting up a blog just to see what would happen. It'd probably be written entirely in WingDings and have a picture of an ostrich or something outrageous. Didn't want you guys to go through that. What I'm trying to say is, I get it Lil Wayne, I get it JaMarcus Russell. That shit was awesome. I reached levels of swag that I previously thought were unreachable. My Facebook chat game was on point (I think) and I slept like a fucking drug infused baby. Hell, I may even consult Wikipedia and get the 3 Six Mafia on the horn to figure out how to blog on sizzurp.

Way more respect for JaMarcus Russell. Throwing a football is borderline IMPOSSIBLE drunk off that 'Quil.

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