Monday, September 12, 2011

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What Occasion Do You Get Someone This Halloween Card?

Saw this today at CVS and was puzzled that such a market existed for Halloween cards. No clue who you'd give this to and when you'd give it to them.

As a little kid, I'd be absolutely pissed if I got a fucking Halloween card. Just another card with no possibility that there'd be money in it. Plus this shit's offensive as any card can be. No one wants to get mooned by a copyright infringed Goofy character on October 29th. It's bizarre, twisted, and borderline mean to give someone this. I can only see one demographic that's capable of keeping this portion of Hallmark alive--the empty nest syndromed parents. And even that's a stretch. Maybe it's because I was a mediocre kid and C rated kids don't get holiday themed cards. That's definitely it.

Could barely find my mother a fucking birthday card, but I had my choice of thousands of Halloween themed cards playing the theme song from the "Twilight Zone." Ridiculous.

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