Monday, September 26, 2011

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Dude, You Got A Baby In Your Bag

I have GOT to stop taking these cellphone pictures directly next to people. My tactics aren't remotely smooth and it's just a matter of time before I get waffle stomped in the face. 95% of the pictures on my phone are of funny looking homeless people, so each one is a terribly dangerous risk. Lucky for me, this poorly monitored baby in the hiking bag falls in that other 5% which is pretty much a hodgepodge of weird shit.

I've said in past blogs that baby holders are literally the only thing guaranteeing that I'll eventually procreate, but I guess the ante has been upped. It appears that the "caring" aspect of babies is plummeting rapidly and people are just stuffing them in backpacks like a damn Kindle. Hell, at least I've got a protective case for my E-reader. This baby is just dangling in a strapped sleeping bag with the least supervision imaginable. I could have come up behind this guy, grabbed his baby, and replaced it with like 7 apples. I know fatherhood is tough, but this is a gross lack of effort.

The other day I went to the grocery store and accidentally put bread in my bag and when I sat on the train it got squished to the point where it was unusable. I'm not saying this guy is going to forget he has a baby in his bag and sit down when he gets on the train, but I am saying that it's REALLY hard to get a seat during rush hour and you can't pass up the opportunity if you get it.

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  1. Anonymous said... September 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    that will be disturbing if this becomes a trend

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