Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Brenda's Stressed Out Because Of The 130 Rabbits Living In Her Trailer

I almost threw up at the 50 second mark. Looked like a million rats scurrying around with no sense of direction. Gross. The real question here is, rabbits? You picked rabbits?

Rabbits are the definition of mediocre. They rank at a solid C+/B- on the scale of ownable pets. Toss a piece of lettuce and fill up their water bottle and it's God's work from there. If it dies, it dies and it's not on your hands as long as you provided that lettuce. I can live with that. It's not like a dog or a cat where there's clear emotional attachment and I'm having uncomfortable conversations about why the litter box is gone and there's no more cat food in the cupboard. Then there's fucking Brenda. Brenda completely flips the script as far as societal norms go. Just letting rabbit after rabbit come into her home to fornicate, shit, and vomit everywhere. Frat party central, rabbit style. But there's no beer pong, flip cup, or hot sorority girls. Just faceless, nameless rabbits tearing a family apart.

"My mom's never been like this"--What? No one goes from zero to owning 130 rabbits just like that. This shit was calculated, assessed, and reassessed. You were probably too busy downing cheeseburgers to notice the small rabbit outbreak happening around you tubs.

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    thanks brah

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