Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Pleasantly Surprised By The Kinder, Gentler Blue Screen Of Death



The days of shitting your pants when you see the blue screen of death are over. Instead of panicking and wondering what to do, you can instead be left just kinda confused as to what happened to your computer.

No more aggressive flashes of cryptic Courier-New lettering that feature such buzzwords as: "stop", "problems", and "damaged". Now we live in an age where all issues can be resolved with a simple "My Bad" sad face. Windows kind of flipped the entire script with that one. Just went from too much information to literally no information at all. Can't help but respect the effort to cut costs, but at least add a nose to that smiley. Just half-assing it out here with the lack of hyphen as the nose. How can I trust a 1/3rd stick figure face with my computer? Oh well, better than the hardass that was in charge of that first blue-screen. Dude must have designed that with 3 sticks up his ass or something.

That fine print under that the new screen must say some real devastating shit.

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