Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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People Are Making A Mockery Out Of Alligators These Days

We are all witnessing the collapse of the alligator species. I can't open an internet page these days without reading a story about alligators fuckin' up. About how a 800lb gator got reeled in by a god damn fishing pole. Designed for fish. How wack of an alligator do you have to be to get reeled in with a bass pole? That's like me dying from a mouse trap.

Then we have the second pic showing four bros stylin' all over this alligator's existence. No rubber clamp on it's mouth, not an ounce of urgency, and certainly no respect. This is like the animal equivalent of the '08 market crash. 15 foot alligators getting beat up in the street by teenagers and turned into shoes by nightfall. Does anyone remember Lake Placid? SyFy channel may have to stop running that one after this negative publicity. It's funny to think gators ran shit not but 13 years ago and now they've been downgraded to modern day pests getting accidentally hooked and killed by fishing line. Shit's embarrassing.

It's like watching the decline of Shaquille O'Neal. One day dude is breaking backboards, next second he breaks both his ankles going for a rebound. I'm rooting for you alligators.

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