Friday, September 23, 2011

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Friends Ask Dub: "What's Going On Tonight?"

To be brutally honest, I haven't had an answer to this question since like '06. Given my 5 1/2 year lack of response rate, I'd say it's pretty impressive that I get a fair share of these on a Friday afternoon.

Once I realized that all of my friends (including me) are consistently in some sort of alpha male hierarchy battle where everyone wants to be asked what the plan is, but refuses to come up with one is when I just stopped trying. Clearly a fucked up dynamic. Two weeks ago, I went to the same bar Friday AND Saturday night. And no, It wasn't in my neighborhood and it wasn't anything close to special. That plan just remained in my "going out" queue for some reason like a Netflix movie you really, really like.

My response to the "What's/Wat's/Whts Going On/Good/Happening Tonight/2Night/toKNIght?" question is usually the same. First prong of attack is the riskless, "same shit." Some people just leave it at that and feel stupid for asking in the first place. Others dig deeper, completely ignore my response and say some BS like, "are you going out?" At this point, I'm borderline insulted. Of course I'm going out. I have Monday-Thursday to run my Playstation's ass into the ground. Prong 2 of 2 is me giving them the God's honest truth. The, "I'm going to get weird and make frivolous, yet ultimately unsuccessful attempts to get with girls, and probably go to the pizza shop at 3am. Don't know where it's going to happen, but that's definitely going to happen." After that people either don't respond or block me on G-Chat. On some, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" shit for real.

PS. I'm probably going to tweet shit while out, so if you're in Boston and want to get weird with me or get the play by play of shutdowns from the opposite sex follow @WMsDiary.

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    very happy I started reading this blog

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