Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Is This Mini-Japanese Robot Really Trying To Get Ready For An Ironman Competition

Is this thing fucking KIDDING me with that mini-Segway right now? I've never wanted to root harder against a mini-robot more than this asshole. Looking like Buzz Lightyear with that ridiculous get up on.

Dude is cheating like crazy too. "Three Versions" of yourself for each different competition? A week to finish the course when humans get like 18 hours? Ridiculously unfair. Where are robots going in this world? One second they're dominating Ken Jennings' wonky ass on Jeopardy, next second they're in need of dire assistance to complete a triathlon. I don't get you Segway Lightyear. If you're cheating, why not really cheat? Sprout some wings, electrocute all other competitors, shoot some lasers, I don't know. The fact that I'm thinking of these things and you're not is a little concerning.

Also don't get what you're trying to prove with this little stunt Japan. You're trying to prove that a robot that doesn't breathe or experience muscle pain is better at endurance than us. What? That's like me making a mockery of dog because I can open a door with poseable thumbs. Or something.

Yikes Japan. Yikes.

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