Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Last I Checked It Was Like July 16th

Stepped outside my house to go to work this morning and turned right back around due to my blatant summer attire. Looking all suave and shit in my fresh t-shirt rockin' shades...only to realize that suddenly it's 50 degrees out and raining. Forgot that after labor day weekend things take a drastic turn in regards to sickness and overall promising times.

When the sun first showed itself back in May I had so much shit planned. Said I was going to get a golf membership. Only hit the links once...turned in my score card and started drinking beers at hole 12. Never tossed a Frisbee or put together any sort of wiffle ball game. Purchased a grill. Grilled once. Trips were highlighted by the Bahamas, Florida, Myrtle Beach, Maine and upstate New York. Seems as though I should really seize the day if September presence itself with a few pleasant surprises. Enjoy school kids.