Monday, January 23, 2012

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Friends Ask Dub: "What Does "SMH" Mean?"

Not gonna lie, I'm probably the worst in the game when it comes to deciphering stupid internet acronyms. I spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what "LOL" could have possibly meant back in the early AIM era. As soon as I found out what that meant, I got hit with a tough string of unidentifiable "TTYL", "BRB", and "OMG"s. Made me feel like a god damn hermit living under a rock.

Even with my past failures, I made it a point to research and investigate "SMH" the second it made it's way into a Worldstar HipHop video's comment section. Thought about how cool it'd be to emerge on the otherside of the stupid internet acronym warzone. Then I realized all of these are really stupid, including, "Shaking My Head." Yes friend, "SMH" stands for Shaking-My-Head. And yes, I'm fucking serious.

In the internet acronym game, black culture has struggled to find one that sticks. One that transcends into popular culture and distinguishes itself as a popular stupid internet acronym amongst juggernauts such as: "LMAO" and the ever so frustrating "LMFAO." Welp, this one stuck and it's just as stupid as all the rest. I'm going to form a small rational argument against each stupid internet acronym:

"LOL"--say it aloud, doesn't it sound stupid? Just say "haha"
"BRB"--you honestly never need to say this
"OMG"--too religious, easily replaced with "wow"
"TTYL"--I briefly fell for this one, but realized "later" is just one more letter and a lot less stupid
"LMAO"--you're not funny and the joke probably wasn't funny
"LMFAO"--you're 12 years old, not funny, and the joke probably wasn't that funny.
"SMH"--easily replaced with "damn"

There you have it. A pure exposure into how stupid we all are or have been. We all used "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing", so there's really no need to abbreviate a line that takes 3 seconds to type into a line that takes 2 seconds to type.

Hope that answered your question (obviously white) friend. SMGDMFH...figure that one out.

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