Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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What Does It Mean When Someone Sends You A Facebook Friend Request And Then Immediately Deletes It?

I'm sitting here disheveled as hell. Confidence at an all-time low. In dire need of a 32oz container of non-existant Swag Juice.

What twisted, genuinely mean individual would socially blue-ball me like that? I logged on to the Creepbook this morning and saw a little "+1" next to the friend request button. That NEVER happens. I damn near fell out of my chair scrambling to click it and when my jackass phone finally loaded, it said "No Friend Requests Available." Naturally, I thought it was the phone's fault so I reloaded the page like 48 times. Still no new friend. This wasn't a technical occurrence. Someone second-guessed being my motherfucking digital friend.

I admit, my profile isn't the most appealing or inviting profile in the world, but that's not enough for someone to think, "..Ehhh actually, I'm better off not being his friend." Sure my interests are generic and my "Favorite TV Shows" section hasn't been updated in awhile, but give me a second chance. Maybe my quotations make me sound like a douchebag, but I was just a freshman getting into college and after Googling "great quotes"that was the best I could come up with. I don't know why I'm here pleading with an unknown person to take me back, but it's now or never over here. As an aggressive status-updater, I run the risk of losing friends at an exponential rate every day. I can't afford to lose them before they even have a chance for me to creepily message them (if they're a chick) or steal their cool pictures/videos (if they're a dude or a chick). Hurts the blog more than it hurts me. Please take me back random person that refused my Facebook friendship.

PS. I've been fluctuating between like 925 friends and 934 friends everyday. What's the deal with that shit? People deleting their accounts cold-turkey and come crawling back like addicts? Has to be it.

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