Thursday, January 5, 2012

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If You Didn't Think There Was A Shower Curtain Specifically For Assholes, You Were Wrong

I've seen fuckery in a lot of places, but I thought shower curtains were going to be left out of it all. Now I see this and have absolutely no idea what to think about anything. My mind has been blown in the worst possible way.

When you throw in a 1950s bathtub that no one uses anymore, an asshole in a Manu Ginobili mask, and like 7 really bad jokes, I'm going to hate your shower curtain advertisement every single time. On a unrelated note, what the FUCK is a basin? Is it the "proper" way to say sink? I hope not because that's just an asshole thing to do. Needless to say, if I end up at your house and have to go to the bathroom and I see this, I'm burning that shit down arson style. Not even thinking about it. Just waltzing into your living room, grabbing a phonebook, going into your kitchen, lighting that shit on fire on your stovetop, tossing it in your closet, and walking out. Hell, I'll stand outside on the street and wait for the cops to show.

All I have to do is show them a picture of your shower curtain and I'll be acquitted of all charges. May get the key to the city.

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