Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Fuck Everything About This

^completely unrelated…well, sorta

Officially not sleeping tonight. If you’re still up for whatever reason, my friend found this little gem on reddit. Just some late night reading if you’re bored.

Go ahead. Check it out. I can wait.


For those of you that actually clicked on that, you’re probably not very happy with me right now, so here are some pictures of kittens.

Full disclosure, I’m a nearly grown man, and I slammed my computer shut and ran out the room screaming. Now I have all the lights on and haven’t even considered the prospect of sleep. If you reacted worse than that, I'm impressed.

There’s a pretty epic stream of comments going on reddit about it. Also, if you’re really bold there’s another one made by the same guy. I haven’t watched it yet. If I do I might never sleep. (EDIT: just watched it. FUCK that.)

PS. If anyone watched that at their desk at work I’m legitimately sorry. Your reputation will never be the same.