Monday, January 16, 2012

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This Frog Is An Asshole

I don't mean to be so brash, but this frog is an absolute son of a bitch. Blah, blah, blah, I'm smaller than a dime, take a picture of me. I'm smaller than the CVS up the street from me and I didn't call Time Magazine to photograph me standing on top of it.

Serious question: what does this frog eat? Can't be flies, right? In my opinion, a fly would FUCK this frog up no question. Six-handed slaps straight to the face. I even think mosquitoes and ants would cause this thing some problems. It's only option very well might be some dried up soda on a table at a local McDonald's. If that's the case, this thing must have eaten strictly debris, dirt, and algae all the way up until it turned into a frog. That's not a life any mini-frog would want to live.

Sidenote, how do you feel if you were the guy assigned to take this picture? This has to be an all-time career low for a photographer. That's like if I go to work and someone comes out and tells me, "Hey Dub, just don't bother turning on your computer today. Here's a mop." It goes without saying that I'd flip some tables and say inappropriate things to the secretary if I got assigned the mini-frog picture.

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