Monday, January 30, 2012

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Wayne Being Wayne

There's a thin line between swag and "what the fuck are you doing man." Wayne caught a screen pass, crossed the line, and took it unlimited yards to outer space . Because he's a Martian?

Pink hat, hipster glasses, hoody, T-Shirt, black-beaded bracelet, pajama pants, heaven-white Uggs, and what I'm guessing is a box of jalapeno poppers. You can't script this. Just a devious combination of male and female clothing mixed with outrageous accessories. It's like someone blindfolded him, spun him around a few times, and threw him inside Lady Footlocker, Pac-Sun, and Forever 21 just to see what happened. Fuck is wrong with this dude? Wasn't he the Fireman like 8 years ago?

This is why I want to be rich, but not too rich. Like rich enough to support everyone I care about and be financially secure, but not rich enough to sit front row at an NBA game dressed like a college freshman coming back from fucking winter break. Wayne's in trouble guys.

PS. Cam'ron made a deal with the devil and is the only rapper to ever be allowed to wear pink.

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