Monday, March 21, 2011

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Completely Missed The Prime Of Facebook

So I came across a story this morning about a high school that created a "Smut List" and just shook my head. Not because of the whole idea of misogyny, oppression, or other fun buzz words, but because I missed the god damn boat. What?

Yeah I said it. In high school I was left to my own devices to get girls to become smitten. I had to be an awesome athlete, witty, and fake being smart. Shit backfired like a mofo. Boston College is in the unrespectable NIT and high school kids are in lay-up lines getting girls. I caught Facebook in the era of pure confusion. People were friending people just to friend them. I joined like 35 groups they had "beer" in the title just trying to be cool. Poked like 17 girls a night before I went to bed. It was a problem. Definitely not benefiting my pick up game. I remember bringing up Facebook to chicks and they would look at me like I was a spaz. Like, "what nerd uses Facebook?" type shit. Nowadays, you drop Facebook, the chick is pulling you into a back alley to make out with you. Just goes to show, we're not THAT young.

Those kids and their smart phones, PSPs, and accessible means to "easy" girls being just one-click away. Shit would have been the life if I was born in like '94.

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