Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Looking Like Things Are Getting Weird At This Australian Glowing Lake

I can easily be a skeptic and say they got some of those sticky lights, tossed them in some Glad bags and kept them underwater with a cinder block, but I'll dodge that form of reasoning.

Apparently these little creatures are running amok down in the depths, and whenever they are frightened they immediately turn light blue. First off, how is that a fucking defense mechanism? If I'm anything that eats those things, I may be thrown off for like .03 seconds, but inevitably I'm eating these Smurf mofos. That's what you get for being flashy.

My concern are these people in the water. If I got wind of any unknown creatures, let alone unknown creatures that light up when they get scared, there is NO god damn chance I'm coming within 30 feet of that water. Like, if the water's blue these things are obviously scared. That's their M.O.--being scared and turning into blue light. But what are they scared of is the question. These people (are they people?) don't seem to share my ideas on this. Whatever, that's why I'm smarter and not dead like I'm sure they are.

Mulder and Scully better be on their way.

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