Thursday, March 24, 2011

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We Should Probably Just Lay Off Bigfoot

First off, is this the wackest picture of all time? This had to be taken with one of those cameras they used to capture World War I and the great depression pictures. Coloring it in with crayons and shit. Pure busch league.

Think about it. Celebrities are always bitching about, "Waaah, the paparazzi always takes pictures of me", "Wahhh, I have no privacy." Well think about if that was literally your life 24/7. Not an ounce of privacy. You basically have to live in a cave underground and you have to strategically eat/take dumps at real sketchy hours to not to be spotted. I mean, our dude above was legit biding his time for like 9 months before he mustered up the courage to cross the road. Just wanted to see if the grass was greener, ya know. And to his dismay, some guy in his car happens to have a CVS Kodak handy, ready to spin that wheel to the next exposure.

This guy apparently cried that, "Oh, he was definitely upset. He let out a growl." Of course he was upset. Guy just wanted to take a shit in a clean plot of land without appearing in the Daily fucking News.

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