Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Snooki Straddles a Rocket

Just want to point out the latest cover of Rolling Stone, featuring Snooki in short fringe shorts and cowgirl boats, twirling a lasso, slapping her own ass, AND riding a giant silver rocket to being more famous and rich than any of us can even think about. She IS America. Her and Charlie Sheen could be our ruling king and queen, and we could watch them reign on the best reality TV show ever made. Plus, I'm going to say it: she looks bangin' (in her own Snooki way) in that outfit. I just hope she doesn't shrink into a skinny little non-Snooki if this fame keeps up. Rock on and don't ditch the pickles, "America's #1 Party Girl." Forget Gatsby in 3D, YOU are the American dream.

P.S. Snooki to MTV: "Vinny definitely compares to the rocket I sat on." Yepp.

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