Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Umpire School Is No Joke

How about some better appreciation for the men in blue after reading Jim Caple's piece on his session at the Wendelstedt umpire school. I don't know how many times I've looked to home plate in complete disbelief from the stands or atop the mound myself. I mean there's undoubtedly a number of people waiting for the day we get irobot out there to avoid another chance at Galarraga-gate.

But man, I really felt Caple's pain when he couldn't even spit out ball or strike in the cage. Heads or tails got it - 50% chance. Sure I think it's easy while stretched out blogging about it...but isn't that why I'm back here blogging? Making the big leagues - dream is over. Coaching - doubt it. Calling the game - no way. Maybe in little league. So essentially all guys like me and Caple are left to do is sit here and criticize.

Check the line of umpires above stretching each morning like they're in boot camp...Crazy right? Well my friends that's cause they are pretty much taking part in boot camp. These sessions run all day from the classroom to the field. Caple said it best here: "I've covered baseball for 25 years and have seen more than 2,000 games at the major league level. I've watched countless others on TV. I know the game. And I get 20 percent of the questions correct on one test."

A little more respect for the guys behind home plate shouting their heads off. Go ahead and tack on a few informationals for your buddy Craw.

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