Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Revolving Door Etiquette

If any of you work in those big office buildings or frequent malls, you know what I mean. Revolving doors present a real touch and go issue.

Let me paint you a picture. One revolving door, 4 individual doors within it. Two people walking at the same pace towards the door. What happens? Well I clearly have no idea because one time I accidentally nudged an old woman out of the way because I thought it was "my time." You know that time. When you think it's your shot to go into the revolver. Like a great white light is compelling you to enter at that exact moment. Guess it was that old woman's moment that I stole. My bad. Karma stung immediately after that because I got stuck within the doors. My book bag was in one door, my body was in another, and there was an old woman confused, almost moved to tears. A real calamity. I thought a fucking fireman was going to have to come and get me out.

How about we make some eye contact people? Maybe recognize that we're going to run into each other and be stuck in some revolving door purgatory. Like a god damn cat stuck in a tree.

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