Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Tie Dye Business... Quit while you're ahead

There is currently a link on the side of my Facebook page for "Paint the World" Tie Dye clothes. First of all, what do you mean? Are you going to tie dye my clothes, or am I just buying assorted tie dye clothes from you? Okay, it says they use 100% fair trade organic material, so I guess I'm buying tie dye clothes from you. (I keep wanting to say tye dye? tie die? tydie? Confused...)

Now the real question: WHY would I buy tie dye clothes from you? Did I not tie dye enough in my confused youth, or at some ineffective college freshmen orientation activity? Why can't I just go to a DaveMatthewsJackJohnsonJohnMayer etc etc concert and buy one off out of the jacket of the nice man in the parking lot outside the show for $5?

The answer is there is no reason why not... I can and will have a shirt with Jack Johnson's face covered in random splotches of paint on the front and tour dates on the back. And it will be cool AND retro. Or if I don't want to spend the fiver, I'll get crafty and tie-dye my own stuff. Better move to the parking lot or the college cafeteria or the Ultimate Frisbee sidelines where the real tie-dying goes down, because this official online order business you're trying to make happen is just neverrr gonnnnnna.

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