Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Shaq Needs A Doctor...Quick

I don't know if it's just me but I see a direct correlation between Dr. Dre's new video I Need A Doctor and Shaquille O'Neal's rehabilitation process with the Boston Celtics. Seriously though I can't take it anymore what the fuck is going on with Shaq? Where is he? Sources say he'll be back in action from his achilles injury by April 5th but there hasn't been a Big Diesel sighting since before the All-Star break.

Co-blogger Dub Jeezy recently brought to my attention that Shaq is simply the big elephant in the room around Boston. Everyone knows he's the key to our 18th championship without Kendrick Perkins standing in the middle. I really hope they have him in a tank of some sort of crazy liquid substance re-energizing like Dre here while the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce surround him spitting Eminem's second verse. Just pumping electrolytes into his veins, bringing the old Shaq from the dead and back to his Orlando days.

Am I sick? This is all I've been thinking about lately. This god damn song won't get out of my head because I envision this for the big man to make it back in time for a title run. Damnit I gotta to stop relying on the C's so much during the week in order to keep my sanity. Somebody bring Shaq to life before playoffs so I can get some adequate rest over here.

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