Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Nutritional Labels On Alcohol? Guess I Need To Keep An Eye Out For My Riboflavin Intake

Probably one of the most useless ideas I've heard in awhile. This would be like putting a nude chick smack in the middle of every "Where's Waldo" bit. Waldo would go un-found for decades. Not a soul giving a shit.

You think I'm going to be flipping 12 packs on their side just to see what's good with that niacin? Hell no. Instead of putting facts no one cares about like "nutrition" on the side of these beers, let me know the logistics of how I'm going to get drunk. Like, if I buy a Bud Heavy for some ungodly reason, let me know via factoid that I'm probably going to need to sit down afterwards because that shit's heavy. Maybe tape one of those re-printable stickers on the side of my Gin&Tonic and that say's something like, "try to not throw up in a cab tonight man"--you know something useful.

So until then, I guess I'm going to casually get high blood pressure due to that lofty 9% sodium up there. Boobs in a game of Waldo I say.

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