Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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A Girl Will Win Your March Madness Pool

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My worst nightmare every year is seeing a girl being featured in my March Madness pool each year. Not being sexist, but these bitties just prance in all hot and ditzy, pick teams based on god knows what, and walk away with a cool $1000.

How many times am I going to hear, "Oh, he's cute, what team's he on? I'm picking them to win" and "I like cougars wayyyy more than tigers." You know what? Cute guy will propel his abilities to new heights and shoot himself into the final four. Oh and they'll be playing the cougars. I sit on ESPN legitimately 9 hours out of my 8 hour day checking bracketology, calling Joe Lunardi to double check my upsets, and thoroughly investigating the Vegas lines. Then this chick rolls in with her Uggs asking, "what the big deal is"--the big deal is you're probably going to win a ton of money and make a lot of dudes upset.

PS. Who's job is more worthless at ESPN, Joe Lunardi or Matthew Berry?

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