Monday, March 21, 2011

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A True Marathon Runner's Physique...

That's right. Three-time U.S. champion sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting just recently completed the LA Marathon through the rain at the age of 40. The only thing me and my man here will have in common by the time I hit my old man days is that not so slender physique. 

I'll keep crushing food and taking in six-packs in order to build up to the physical presence of a world class wrestler...just won't be dominating marathons but instead losing my breath while heading to the fridge. Gneiting creates the loophole where fat men all around the world can claim they are in top physical condition. "Honey, this 400 pound dude ran two marathons, I'm weighing in at 360. Perfectly healthy. Now let's order in a few pizzas."

Kelly Gneiting...a true victory for the big man.

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