Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Has Anyone Else Ever Ripped Their Jeans Bowling?

Guess it's just me and you SpongeBob. So this happened to me not too long ago and I decided it's just best to go public with it...There I stood after a solid 122 frame (is that solid? I always feel that if I land in the triple digits it's all good) and decided to see if I could curve the ball like the pros through the second game.

First attempt...strike. Are you kidding me? I'm a god damn natural. The people in the surrounding lanes could've seen me as Ishmael from Kingpin out there. Of course my friends could see what's coming..."Craw your never gonna keep this up just wait til next round." God damnit were they right.

So in the round that eventually followed I stepped up with all the confidence in the world...only to throw it right in the gutter while hearing the sound of my jeans ripping to shreds. My initial prayer was "please just let that be the sound of my boxers." No chance. Jeans are blowin' in the wind with every stride taken.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who's reading...It's okay to stay at home and take a back seat every once in a while. Just another example of me and my overzealous self trying to take home MVP and inevitably winding up with the funny story (only at my expense of course). Time to wash the remaining pants I have left and hit the treadmill.