Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Hot Dog Cat In The Weirdest Youtube Video I've Seen This Year

Been wrestling with the idea that this cat may be CGI for like an hour. Cats just can't fit hot dog suits. They're made solely for those hilarious looking "hot-dog" dogs and dudes on Halloween.

This one really attacked my cerebellum though. Brain was confused as fuck on whether to laugh, be scared, or be concerned. The Youtube equivalent of one of those violent hangovers where you don't know whether to eat, shit, or throw up. Speaking of shit, this cat's eating shit right? I've never seen such blatant animal cruelty. Dressing a cat in a hot-dog suit CLEARLY made for a dachshund is one thing, but feeding him actual poop is another. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

This possibly digital cat needs to be rescued. I need to get on Limewire and download this mofo immediately.

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