Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Another Reason Why You Don't Pick Up Unknown Numbers

Sometimes you can't make this stuff up. A phone number is straight up causing people to die. When you see the number it doesn't seem that weird because 0888-888-8888 is a fucked up phone number no matter how you cut it.

Imagine being at the bar, things going well, and it gets to the point where you exchange numbers with the girl. She gives you her number, all giddy and shit, spirits at their highest point. Then all of a sudden, you drop the 10 straight 8s on her. Talk about buzz-kill. There is no faker number out there aside from 000-123-4567. If you can somehow explain that as your real number you probably have a desperate girl, or more likely, you are going to get killed by this person.

I know you all have watched "The Ring" and if you didn't shit your pants you probably covered your eyes or left the theater. I'm getting close to Ring scared about this (I rate fear by how close it is to "The Ring"). We've all received a call from an "Unknown" number. Could have been Mr. Shit-ton of 8s on the other line. Eerie stuff...

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