Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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You Can't Sneak A Glee Performed Version Of "Bad Romance" Under Dub Jeezy's Nose!

Well, well, well internet, I see that you tried, yet again, to sneak a wonderfully performed rendition of a popular Top-40 hit performed by the cast of "Glee" right past me.

Unlucky for you, I have an eye on all levels of the internet. Plus I'm on Facebook like 4000 times a day, so I know when something big goes down based on the news in the home page.

I found it, got it up, and gave it to you all because I love every single one of you. Or because I can easily find it whenever I'm feeling blue. You decide.

PS. You best believe I am getting my people in contact with the girl in pink's people ASAP. Need to get some sort of meet and greet going.

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