Monday, May 17, 2010

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This Bear Needs To Get His Shit Together

I've been defending bears in the "what animal would win this fight" debate for years. This video is absolutely RUINING my credibility in the animal-fight debate world. It's like I just got disbarred or something.

I thought bears were ruthless killers that can swim, climb, and run with the best of them. This bear is standing in the corner frigid like a bitch. Check the 0:28 second mark. The lions have this, "whoa dude, that bear is freaking out" look on their faces. Embarrassing.

Maybe it's time to hit the ol' dusty trail. I should have known my animal battle skills were dwindling when I said that a teenage grizzly bear had a chance at beating a Jurassic-era Tyrannosaurus Rex.

PS. The Japanese are ruthless, huh? Ringing bells and shouting nonsense when the bear goes down and shit. No holding back in the far east.

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