Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Won't Let Myself Believe These Guys Beat Up Muggers

How many herbs does it take to beat up a set of muggers you ask? Allegedly these guys beat the hell out of some muggers trying to attack one of their boys.

Here's why this story is made up (and you heard it here first), first, the attackers supposedly went after the guy at a Ninja Dojo. I'm no mugger, but if I'm going to attack a gentleman for most likely his Ipad (because I still don't know what they do, but I want one), I'm not going to go to a location where there is any possibility I can get my ass whooped. Next, these guys are potentially the biggest herbs I have ever seen. It would be a good fight with me and the guy in the middle when I was 14. Now he has no chance.

Plus, I see these other guys trying to put fear into everyone with their well-timed "punch when the camera flashes so we look blurry" picture. Not buying it bro. Your hair will never generate a blip on my "bad-ass" radar.

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