Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Kid Pulled The Ol' Whoopdie Whoop On Harvard

Wheeler, you shrewd son of a bitch! We all thought about pulling off some capers in high school. I know my friends and I came up with some elaborate schemes to cheat the SATs, dominate the shit out of Yale/Harvard, and build industrial empires, but that's what they were..schemes. They were fun to talk about and have a solid laugh, but no one dare attempted such an act. I probably had the best scheme idea back in the day. I wanted to use my middle name as my first name (which makes a very convincing basketball/football player name) to con a top-tier D1 school to give me a basketball/football scholarship and apply for the NFL/NBA Draft. That's taking advantage of racism right there.

Anyway, congrats kid, you had more balls than me.

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