Monday, May 24, 2010

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The Rap Battle You'll Never, Ever See

Sticks & Stones guys, sticks & stones. I didn't know calling someones's socioeconomic status subpar could result in fisticuffs.

Fists are not the answer. Repression is. Everyone's been called out for something. We all went through middle school. Literally the cruelest years of our lives. You didn't see little Dub Jeezy knockin' herbs out left and right when he got dissed. He was devising plans and plotting in the distance. Say that same kid that made fun of you went and said something real stupid under his breath thinking no one heard it. Well, you did and here is your opportunity to let everyone know what he said and expose him for it. Because you're smarter than that kid, your attack will be more lasting and painful than that he issued onto you. can just knock his ass out like Hydrogen did to Boost.

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