Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can't Stop Finding Reasons Why Little Kids Are Stupid

--the actions takes place between 0:35 and 1:35.

I've been holding off on these posts for a little while now because if I posted every instance small children displayed their stupidity, this blog would be full of stupid kid posts (which doesn't sound like a terrible idea).

Maybe I was a bitch, but I thought escalators were the scariest things in the world to little kids. The whole "where do these new stairs come from" and "what's moving this thing" questions were enough to make sure I wasn't effing with them unless I had to. Plus, there is that old wive's tale that if you don't tie your shoes when you ride an escalator, your foot gets mangled or some crazy shit like that. You best believe my Penny Hardaways were triple knotted whenever there was an escalator encounter looming.

This kid. This motherfucking kid is a piece of work I tell ya. Trying to get slick and put all the other slightly smarter 4 year olds to shame. What respect does that get you at that age? I'm pretty sure I didn't acquire a friend until I was 5, so who was he braggin' to? I guess he'll be able to tell mom and dad how sweet his move almost was as they're getting carted off to jail for neglect.

As soon as I get icons or some shit to click, I swear there's going to be an extensive "stupid kids" section with over 3 billions links and overall thoughts on the epidemic.

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