Monday, May 3, 2010

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Zombie Time

Welp, here we go. We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I just thought it was going to be in 2012 and not in Boston, but I guess you'd rather the war come to you than you go to the war right?

As you all probably no, Boston's water has been compromised. And by compromised, I mean it has been contaminated with what can only be the zombie virus. I've referenced this moment in at least 8 different posts in the past, but now it's real. There is a state of emergency in Boston which means that this place is going to be Zombieland soon, which is sweet. Kiss your loved ones now because you're either going to be eating them or killing them fairly soon.

Fellow blogger Craw is undoubtedly a zombie. He knowingly guzzled at least a quart of faucet water after some basketball, cut himself on a rusty fence, and then showered in the infected water with a gaping wound. So he's probably going to be a zombie with tetanus--the least effective/scary zombie there is. I'm going to be killing him soon, so cherish the rest of his remaining posts. Hell, I might let him posts a little bit while he is a zombie. No blog has a zombie poster. Where it would clearly be indecipherable and overall gibberish, you'd get to see life from the perspective of a post-graduate zombie with tetanus, struggling on the grind to find his way.

You show me a world-ending plight and I will show you a way to exploit it and make millions of dollars.

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