Friday, May 14, 2010

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Comparing Mark Sanchez & Tom Brady...For Like, The 8th Time

Before I get into this, I have to say that it is truly shocking I am ahead of Michael Jordan and slightly behind LeBron James in the "Who would you rather be when you're 25?" poll. I didn't even vote this time. You guys must have lost your minds. I'll be lucky if I'm alive at 25. With the path I'm on it doesn't look promising. Plus I'll be worth around -$32,000 or something. I guess in some people's minds that is better than winning an NBA Championship and being worth like 150 million.

Back to the task at hand...

-Here we have Mark Sanchez. He's just being the consummate professional that he normally is. He's also teaching Eli Manning how to correctly pronounce sentences. While other QBs are barbecuing and shit, Mark is meeting with the big wigs and getting that Super Bowl to New York in 2014. Simply put, that's some respectable off-season shit.

PS. Mark holds the pigskin like it's life or death. Can't be holding it like a loaf of bread Eli...

(only watch 0:13-0:30)

Here's Tom. Just casually golfing, not worrying about his priorities or obligations to his team or the region of New England. No Superbowl efforts here. Just a couple shanks/hacks/slices and a elegantly assembled ensemble (can't knock that). To top it all off Pats fans, he throws a pretty large duck into the air at his presumed caddy. Plus I also think he has text records that show he was in contact with 3 porn stars, 4 reality show floosies, and a couple random slags on the side.

When New England is just getting to first base, New York is already home...

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