Monday, May 10, 2010

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I'm Not Sold On Coke's "Freestyle" Machine

In the Ipad generation we live in, companies everywhere are trying to make ridiculous products we don't really need that don't really make things easier. Case in point, the "Freestyle" Coke machine.

Apparently, I'm late as hell on this, or I simply didn't believe it when it saw it, but it's coming. If you want some "Grape Sprite" or "Peach Fanta" you can dibble dabble in that. It makes me think of the ridiculously overrated Jelly Belly jellybeans. Like, you cannot dig into a bag of Jelly Bellies without fear of grabbing the infamous popcorn flavor or the rumored to exist, but most likely doesn't exist poop flavor (trust me, there is a terrible rumor brewing). Imagine making that same mistake with the Freestyle machine. You don't want Strawberry Flavored Fanta-Sprite, or do you? I don't know what's up. Last time I effed with some "Freestyle" promotion, I got NBA Live '05 for Christmas and within two days I threw the disc across the room and it snapped in two.

I don't want to throw my cup/bottle/can(?) of mixed soda across the room.

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