Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Does Stuff Go Between Someone Sending A Text And Someone Receiving A Text?

First off, this isnt't a post about sexting, but more so, it's a post about what happens to your sexts (or texts if you're not a freak) between when you send them and when they are received.

I won't divulge my history in the realm of "sexting", but as a pro-blogger, let's just say I had to do the necessary research by posing as a person that sent sexts on the reg. By the way, did anyone know that there is a legit Wikipedia article on sexting and they are soon going to add the word into Webster's dictionary? World's definitely ending in 2012.

The problem here and the subject of this post (finallllly) is where the balls do said "personal" texts go during the time between they were sent and when they are received? Is there a text purgatory station that we just don't know about? Or does it just float throughout space and time? Can anyone with the most super-est powered Iphone Deion Sanders (intercept, nerds) sext/texts to the crib? If any of these are the case, it's pretty effed up.

Every now and then I send a text about a location I am going to be later that night to a friend who may be a girl. It also may or may not include a smiley/wink/exclamation point. If that hypothetical text got into the wrong hands, I can be ruined. Not as ruined if I sent a more revealing t(s)ext, but pretty ruined. No one can hypothetically know that I hypo-casionally (made that up) use an emoticon or an "!" to woo a girl into an eventual dance-floor makeout. That's why I need answers. I need to know if I am going to have to Jack Bauer this text-purgatory hideout/lair, or if I'm going to need to know the best places to text so thatMegatron Iphones aren't pick-6ing my unmentionable texts.

Another mystery. Another post that may not have made sense to you.