Monday, May 3, 2010

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LeBron Is Good, But No One Will Ever Be MJ

I'm a biggg fan of LeBron, but I still have some very solid memories of Michael simply DOMINATING basketball on a nightly basis. Obviously LBJ is the best athlete we've ever seen in the game of basketball and probably the world, but I never feared anyone with the basketball against my favorite team more than his Airness. I would root for any team that was playing the Bulls when I was younger because it was a rare event to see Michael lose to anyone. I don't feel that feeling from LeBron yet. I am kind of rooting for him just so he can get to that point where I root against him. Get it?

Sure he's dazzling, young, and has the most potential of any basketball player that is already blessed with immense talent, but he doesn't have the look. He fakes it sometimes when he's on fire, but it's not genuine. Jordan had that face when the game started, when they were winning, and when it was close. He never turned it off. He never knew anything else. Every game was so very important to him. I need to see that right now.

LeBron is complaining about an achy elbow and laughing about things when his team is losing. Kobe is playing with about 13 injuries, Iverson played broken, and I am positive Jordan wouldn't have minded dying on the court if his team won.

LeBron, you're just not there yet...

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