Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Feels Good Beating the Odds

Never mind. The water you were told not to drink all weekend was actually safe, according to test results released yesterday. Hundreds of water samples taken Sunday, the second day Greater Boston was under a boil-water order because some pond water was flowing through the area’s pipes, show the water was, in fact, as clean as on a normal day. Just 4 of 820 samples taken from throughout the affected area contained any potentially harmful bacteria, according to results provided to the Globe. That small number of positive samples is not atypical for a normal day in this time of year.

So...after drinking and bathing in 'contaminated' water all weekend the end result is lies. LIES! For a while the new plague was on a Y2K-esc level with every Bostonian screaming "don't drink the water" out their windows. Initially I thought I was screwed from the start following a hard days work on the basketball court (that consisted of 3 sub-par pickup games).

While pounding tap water out of the bathroom faucet for a good two minutes...a cop car comes cruising by to warn everyone of the potential threat. At this point, what else can you do but shrug your shoulders and hope for the best...right? That's exactly what I did, and the best is here.

No longer will I worry about the repercussions. The only thing unfortunate enough about the whole situation is that every time someone told me not to drink any water, that god damn Dave Matthews song kept popping into my head. So heads up co-blogger Dub J - No zombie posts here. Craw may be rollin' without a soul since the Miami days but he's certainly alive and beating the odds.

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