Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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TV Show/Cartoon Show Characters That Sucked: Sid From Hey Arnold

I will contest that anyone who liked Sid was a god damn liar. I mean..look at him. He is not an aesthetically pleasing cartoon character. It was like, someone had a 10 cartoon deadline to meet and he was stuck at 9 with about 30 seconds to go. Sid was most likely a brainchild of a cartoonist who was scurrying to a deadline.

Sid represented the faux-hustla of "Hey Arnold", arguably the best cartoon show ever created. That shit taught me how to go about regular life as a dude on the grind in the 2010. Everywhere Arnold or Gerald turned, there was always an obstacle in their way. Most obstacles circled around that sonuvabitch Sid. Sid did this, Sid's running from the cops, Sid has incriminating photos of some main character. All in all, Sid never helped you do anything, but always hurt everything you tried to do. Everyone has that kid they know. Most likely they're tucked in the top left of your Facebook with their friend request still pending. We're too good of people to actually ignore the request, but we're dicks enough never to accept. It's a delicate balance. If something goes awry, things will fall apart.

Cheers to you Sids, consistently populating my Facebook friend requests with no real chance of me accepting them.

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