Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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It's Not Like The New Olympic Mascots Are Scary As Shit Or Anything

Just scanning to see what's up on this glorious Wednesday afternoon and low and behold I end up peeing my pants.

I want in to that Olympic committee meeting where they decide the new mascots. It's probably like 25 big-wigs in flashy suits, with indestructible suitcases, and 27 Powerpoints going. A serious scene until...

Man 1: I think this year calls for something different.

Man 2: Different? I'm pretty sure 64 people committed suicide because they couldn't wrap their head around the anime yeti mascots we had for Vancouver.

Man 1 (completely disregarding what Man 2 said): I'm thinking a cyclops.

Man 2: What?! A cycl...Jesus...

Man 1: You're right, we should have 2 cyclops, but we mustn't forget, we need to give them each an anime pupil.

Man 2: I hate my life.

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