Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Criagslist Roomie???

I have a buddy moving down to Miami in September. In his efforts to find housing he came across this little gem. Almost makes me wanna get down there, get a place, and hit this babe up...

"cute girl needs room for free"

"hi im kayla nad im seeking a place to live. ive been staying with my mom but just lost my job so she kicked me out. i have my own car to get around and u dont have to feed me either unless u want to lol. i am just seeking a few new friends who have an EMPTY bedroom. empty as in i have my own bed and dont have to share it with an ugly hairy old guy lol. house must b clean. i love pets so thats fine. i can b a partyer or quiet watever u want. will have a job soon but i need who ever i live with to understand until i have one I CAN NOT PAY RENT! i would prefer either a really cool chick or a young guy. no older men period! imm very open minded! please let me kno asap will not have endless emails. i will send a pic once u have to me. and info about urself. p.s. for those guys who will email me and say oh fuck me then u can move in...NOT HAPPENING. ive had 17 emails like that already! after i move in if we decide as grown adults to sleep together thats fine but 1 i will not b forced to do it and 2 nothing will happen til im moved in and the stress is gone. im 19 years old. im clean fun like o drink i burn im just a cool chick. I AM CHUBBY! not huge by any means but i am chubby if u dnt like it dont respond thanks kisses bye!"

....I'm definitely picturing Lori Beth Denberg....

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