Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Don't Know What To Make Of This...

This could easily be the worst post I have ever posted on this site or it could be some groundbreaking stuff.

I've been around the block before guys. I was around when "Reptar" was hot, so I know what a dinosaur costume is and is not supposed to look like. Plus it's during a baseball game, where unless any of the teams are named after dinosaurs this thing doesn't make sense. It had one realistic roar and the second one lacked a lot of luster. It was admittedly off-putting, but I stuck with the vid based on the shear realism of that costume. How much would it hurt a grown man's back to walk like that across a baseball field? And little kids are not able to produce the sound that thing made. Only explanation lies in the fact that there was a midget controlling this costume or this was a real dinosaur.

I was waiting for the ironic twist of the video where the dude in the yellow shirt heckling the dino just got ripped to shreds Deep Blue Sea-Samuel L. Jackson style.

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