Monday, May 17, 2010

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Where Can I Get One?

How epic of an Air Hockey table is this? I mean, it's Air Hockey. I'd love to walk into an arcade in downtown Tokyo and see what I'm made of. My guess is I wouldn't last 10 minutes without having a heart attack or getting visibly upset to say the least. People definitely demand their money back left and right as soon as the fake pucks light up the playing field.

Could I make it in Japan? Do you think there are serious Air Hockey leagues out there. I was a gamer back in the day but lets get one thing straight...this is clearly a whole new level. Everyday at my entry level position I often ponder the most outlandish opportunities waiting for me. After another day at the office, aspiring to be a professional eater and game tester in Japan doesn't seem so bad. Hopefully tomorrow I can stumble upon something a bit less ridiculous.

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