Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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How To Make It In America: Boston Edition aka How To Not Make It In Anywhere

As you may have noticed (because this blog is still up and running) over the past year-ish, I have not "made it" in America. I'm pretty sure I am doing exactly the opposite. But much like a dude randomly chillin' in Antarctica, it ain't no sweat. Sometimes you have to ride the wave.

I'd like to blame it on laziness, apathy, confusion, or some other negative buzz-word that we stick in our philosophy essays for a few bonus points. It's just that wave up to it's ol' tricks again. I've been in collaboration with friends coming up with ideas for random website after random website. Some are good, some are meh, some are fueled by a torrid combination of beers and jack&cokes. They're rarely if ever funded and the plans generally fizzle within a few weeks. Again I'm not sweating it because of one primary fact..us postgrads (from '09) are Freshmen at life.

Remember freshman year of high school? You were undoubtedly not that cool. In fact you weren't on the radar unless you played a varsity sport or were big/hot as fuck. If you were anything else, you were struggling out there, coming to terms with your braces, being short/underdeveloped, or any other anxiety causing issue. If you were on varsity, you probably weren't playing, and no one gave a shit about JV. Grades mattered, but not really. A finding your way time.

Freshman year of college was an entirely different monster. This was the drinking age. You've formed into what you're probably going to look like for awhile and it was all about social standing. Questions like: What parties are you going to attempt to inevitably get kicked out of (if you're a guy), what friends you're going to make, what opposite sex plays you're going to make all the while avoiding the "Freshman 15." Sounds like a full plate. There was a shit ton of disappointment and lost opportunities, but they all made you stronger to the point where you ran that shit your senior year. So we just have to power through the tough times. The shit apartments (I had a possum), the lack of a social scene (no girls), the unsureness of your job (have one?), and what else may be creeping up your skin will be over soon. Like our parents always told us at the least opportune times..it builds character.

We're all taking our finals soon, so there is a light at the end of our Freshman year tunnel...

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  1. Anonymous said... May 12, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    what happens when we are done with our 4 years of "life"?

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