Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Ode To The Quad

^no lie, recently found out "quad" was short for quadrangle. What the hell is a quadrangle? Dare you to Google Image it and come up with a conclusive answer.

Ah, the quad. The place where maximum levels of people watching, people watching people watching, and bro-ing out occur. I used to eff with the quad in my younger years at college. Would skip class with the quickness if the weather was bikini-worthy for the ladies and toss the football around for like 3 hours. That's how I rolled. Just casually strolled around the "hot" section to check and see if we had a reason to get into conversation. If not, we lingered like creeps. It was fine, because it was the Quad.

Just walked through the quad of another school and saw all the familiar faces. You know the crew--here are some sample convos: Hi dude pretending to read with your Lacrosse pinney on! Hey girl that chose to wear a bikini bottom because you've been hitting that elliptical like a motherfucker this week! And I can't forget you two guys throwing the frisbee. You're probably doing some sick tosses, but truly, no one cares!

Cheers quad, cheers.

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